Incidents in Red Sea – Rerouting Suez traffic to Cape

To whom it may concern.

In mid-December 2023 container ships was attacked while transiting the Red Sea. Vessels has been reported fire damages and some have been taken out of service.

Due to ongoing incidents and to protect the lives and safety of seafarers, until the Red Sea passage is safe major carrier’s container vessels will not transit the Suez Canal Eastbound and westbound, services will be rerouted to go via the Cape of Good Hope.

This disruption, considered by all actors as Force Majeure, will have a considerably impact on sailing schedules causing delays.

Vessels taken out of service have also caused delays in terms of space capacity and congestions in major ports.

We can assure you we are following the development closely and will each and every shipment for the ETD/ETA-updates.

We ask for your understanding under these serious circumstances.

Best Regards
OPS – Silent Transport AB

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