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Logistics service provider

Silent Transport AB was founded in 2010 by the Jensen family in Varberg, Sweden.

Ever since the start of Silent Transport AB, development has been successful and steady.

By providing a comprehensive logistics service without borders, Silent Transport has filled many need gaps in the market.

We offer our customers a complete range of services, which the traditional providers of logistics services on the Swedish and global market cannot provide.

Silent Transport AB is a family-owned company with a personal touch and real personal service that always listens to the customer's needs. By combining all types of transport methods with high knowledge and experience, we will always be able to deliver the best service for each individual shipment.

Being able to build volumes based on many shipments and at the same time take into account the different needs and requirements of each individual shipment is a strong philosophy within the company.

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With the big global freight forwarders, many companies are just one customer among many others.

As a partner of Silent Transport, you can expect both quick and personal feedback for all types of enquiries.

Silent Transport is your partner who always has the personal commitment and focus is on building long-term relationships with our customers.

Over the years, Silent Transport has grown, both with more customers, suppliers and partners. With you on board, we grow stronger together. Which enables us to be competitive both in terms of prices and service.

Our goal is to offer all our customers simple, fast and personal communication.

As a customer of Silent Transport, you should be able to feel safe and trust that we always do our best to live up to your expectations.

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Our philosophy

Silent Transport always puts the customer first, it is your needs that guide us to which service is used.

Customer first

Effective and fast communication with high security. When you feel safe in our "Silent service", we have succeeded.

Quick responses

We carefully choose our suppliers and networks, we must be sure that trust and long-term relationships are a priority.

Carefully selected partners

Your needs are always our priority, knowing this allows us to offer the right carriers and service.

A selection of what we can offer:

  • Courier services that reach the whole world
  • Domestic truck transport, import, export and cross trade
  • Air and sea freight worldwide
  • Project freight – charter – special handling
  • Possibility of storage and handling of goods
  • Customs clearance services


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